fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Monday, May 16, 2011

What do I have tomorrow?

This is Jack, my youngest boy.   He loves to ask at any time of day, "What do I have tomorrow?" 

I think Jack is asking this question all the time to understand time, schedules, and just likes knowing what to expect.  He will ask "what do I have after that? and after that?...."

Often times I answer, "you have school, then I will pick you up and you will have lunch and then a play date and then we pick up your brothers"....

Tonight the "what do I have tomorrow" question came and I answered.   
Then the hubby said, "What does Daddy have tomorrow".   "Work", Jack answers.   
Then the hubby asks "What about Juddy and Drew?"   "School", says Jack.  
I knew the next question was coming from Andy with a smirk.   
"Jack, what does Mommy have tomorrow?".   
Jack responds blankly, "nothing".   

Did you hear that?  Nothing?!   I have nothing to do tomorrow....
yes!!!!   awesome!!!!    hoorah!!!   yahoo!!!!

baw, ha ha ha ha ha... that's a good one.
it was funny to me and did make me laugh, but also a little sad all at the same time.
But I get it, he is 4 and that is what he sees,
but of course, we know the truth and someday he will too. 
  nothing, I am literally laughing out loud.  i wish!
perhaps it is time for one of those hour by the hour posts...hmmm
then again, what would that prove.  I know the truth!
;)  -smiles-


Phoenix Peacock said...

hahaha.... ouch!
Little kid answers are the best. I say four is old enough to start dishing out small chores to help mommy achieve a day with a little more nothing in it :)

staci said...

That was so funny and yet so sad all at the same time.

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