fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Sunday, April 24, 2011

stencil love....

I have a not-so-secret love for stencils....but please, not the bows, duck and goose country-type.  Oh no, that is so 80's!  Don't get that idea when you think of a stencil, today the options are beautiful, modern and stunning.   I am hopelessly in love with what a much more modern stencil can do for one's home.   In fact, I have to restrain myself from over-stencilling my home.

I have had the recent good fortune of being asked by a dear friend to paint the stencils below in her new home.  I love this sort of thing so, of course, I jumped at it.  But that means I had to practice these stencils in my own home first.  It really is a win-win....I get these gorgeous stencils in my space and I did work out the kinks (can be a little tricky around edges and corners) in the stenciling process.

Now, for what you have been waiting for:

"stencil love"
 the beginning of the stenciling process on the lucky wall in my kitchen.

Oh yeah, baby....

It is oh so satisifying....

The finished product with frames back in place.  Now the wall sings!!!!

And now brace yourself for the guest bedroom makeover......
(I was so excited I forgot to get a before shot.  Just imagine the sad, simple wall)

Now it is totally awesome.  Dare I say, stunning!
I love the warm gray color (Gibraltar Gray-Pittsburg paint) on top of the light blue (Blue shamrock- pittsburgh paint) I love thee, let me count the ways....
i love how rich you look.  i love that you don't overpower a space (when done correctly) but create a point of interest.  i love how you are a little dramatic and complicated.  i love that you express my personality.  i love that you are not wallpaper.  i love you dear stencils...and I am not done with you.

***These stencils were ordered from cutting edge stencils   ****
check out their awesomeness!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Scavenger hunt

1.  time

2.  poetry
I love this it.  for all my babies.

3.  outside

spring clean-up....and the boys loving the leaf blower!

4.  zoom
zooming across the yard in this contraption!

5.  isolation

cleaning some smores off that cute face...

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Sunday, April 17, 2011

look at that face!

For many people who meet Tessa it is hard to imagine that her seriously adorable face could be anything but angelic and delightful.

Well, I hate to break it to you, but Tessa has indeed mastered the fine art of 2 important skills in becoming a strong woman and at quite a young age. (And completely quite on her own)

You see, to become a strong, independent woman in the world, who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to get it, you need these 2 fundamental skills:

#1.   A serious mad face.  And not an ordinary mad face.  Oh no, it needs to mean something and you must be able to pull it out at any moment.

#2.  A powerful "NO" that is available and ready to go at any moments notice.

I assure you Tessa has this skill set down (see video below!).  I am pretty sure I am not going to have to worry about this little girl being pushed into anything.  

I happen to know there are certain people (you know who you are) reading this and laughing as they are nodding their heads delighting in the universal law of karma.  That is what energy you send out into the universe you will be returned to you.

So, while Tessa and I are not related by any genetic connection, I am fairly certain the powers that be, thought it was only appropriate that we share some important personality traits.

I am not really sure what else to say about that, except God help me....

You have to see this video of Tessa showing us her "mad face".   It is hysterical!   And frankly, to me, a little frightening.
Check this out!

the wind blows- i heart faces

It is spring and that means we have emerged from our cave and been outside A much as we can, and have been cleaning up what we neglected last fall.   But with spring yard clean up come the leaf blower....and that means motorized wind fun!  The kids love it when their Daddy pulls this out and tries to blow them over!

can't you just see how much fun this is for Jack!?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hope Tucked Away....

There is something so wonderful about this quote 
by Jennifer Selig (from her book Thinking Outside The Church). 
I think it speaks to both our human nature and holding onto one's hope.  I just love it.

"Hope Blossoms"  mixed media triptych 
each 6"x6"  created for the Freeport Art Museum's Mini-Masterpiece Exhibit
May 6th, 2011

To me this piece is about the hope we all hold.  The blossoms are literally sharing this message.  These pieces were truly evolved over time.  I used many papers I have been saving for years to create the dimension and heavy texture.  Also used Swaziland postage stamps to send a message or a postcard about hope to the viewer.  I have a collection of stamps that I acquired for the "Message from Swaziland" series.  These hope blossoms represent my hope I witnessed while on my journey to their for AIDS Walk Africa in the summer of 2008....I will always keep that hope in my hope chest.

Here is that wonderful quote if it was difficult to read in the piece:

"Inside all of our chests there lies hope tucked away.
Some hopes are buried deep at the bottom of those chests, for they have been there forever,
but other hops are new, afterthoughts almost, placed on top for easy removal
in case they should be replaced by new hopes.

Some people keep their hope chest locked up because they feel too vulnerable to reveal their contents,
but others will give you the key or open it for you and invite you to look inside.

There, if you examine the content of their hope chest with gentle eyes,
you'll see revealed the magnitude of their spirit, because there is a sacred marriage
between the human spirit and hope."
-J.L. Selig

Saturday, April 9, 2011

my biggest boy....

So, my biggest boy, Judson, is 9 3/4 years old.   I give you the exact age, because I think we are at a turning point.  Something is changing....shifting.  He is becoming much  more grown-up all of a sudden.  Jud is seeing the world through a much more mature lens.  He is incredibly independent, confident and seems like a well-adjusted kid...all good things! With that however, there has been signs that he is leaving a part of childhood behind.     The big issue that I had been delaying has been that he has really been desiring a room of his own.

He and Drew(age 7) have happily shared a room ever since we moved abroad (to France for a year) in 2004.  When we moved back to and got settled in our new life in Monroe we just keep them together in a room so we would always have a guest room, since our family lives a distance away and we have lots of visitors.  For so many years they happily shared a space and really enjoyed each other's company at night, never having problems with sharing a room.   Even today they share a room really well.  But I knew there would be a day that the arrangement wouldn't suit Juddy anymore.   It wasn't until recently that I realized we were at the place were Judson was needing much more autonomy both emotionally and physically.  I get it....he wants a place that is all his own.  That he can escape to when it is a bit crazy around here.  I

So, after receiving many signs from Jud that he was unhappy in the arrangement I decided to go into hyper-mommy mode while he was at school and move him into the guest room.  I was able to get all the pretty guest room decor down and create a space that is absolutely so big-boy.....dare I say, even adolescent.   Jud came home and I told him I needed his help upstairs.....he came in and looked like this-

He was surprised.....even a bit confused for a spilt moment.  
Then he said....
"I'm in heaven"....
  He just came in, looked around, smiled and got settled right in to  "his room".    
I was a little surprised that he didn't jump up and down... or scream with glee.  
This was yet another sign that he is indeed a much more grown up boy these days.

The truth is I am struggling a bit with this new place.  Maybe because it is my first time watching a child of mine pulling away....doing exactly what he is suppose to be doing.   I believe I am here to guide my children through the world, even so the pulling away feels new and uncomfortable.   Maybe it is because while he is changing so quickly before my eyes while I also am fully caring for little ones as well.  And maybe this would feel the same if he was my only child.  so, I am trying to make sense of it, trying to be the Mom that rolls alongwith it, but a part of me is fighting it as well.  Like all things, I know this new place will have its beautiful moments....there will be new adventures for him and myself as a Mom.  For me, I just need to mourn where we are leaving and celebrate where we are going.  It is just as it should be....even if my big mushy heart is fighting it a bit more than it should.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


This just makes me is my beloved 1/2 hour glass.....I love it.  It has many uses...    time for the kids to take turns.   time for them to stay outside.  time for t.v./wii.   
time for mommy to have her own quiet time=happy time   
time...that thing that just slips away from us so fast.  I am more aware of it than ever.

I found this poem....and think it is just lovely.


Watching the sand in the hourglass,
As it silently trickles away;
Seeing time slip though my fingers,
As quickly go the days.
Looking at each grain of sand,
As a tiny piece of time.
Too small to be measured,
Except by this heart of mine.

For every grain has a meaning,
Of time so fleeting and fast;
Each time that I see you,
More precious than the last.
Although those times are far between,
And for me all too few;
I treasure each tiny grain of sand,
As a moment spent with you.

For each moment brings me pleasure,
Savoring each morsel of time;
I drink from a cup of happiness,
As if tasting of sweet wine.
I draw from a well of contentment,
As long as I know you are near;
For one day I will look up,
And you will be standing here.

Bringing the joy you always bring,
Spilling sunlight into this place;
Warming my heart with your presence,
And the smile upon your face.
Watching the sand in the hourglass,
Until you are back with me;
As long as the tiny grains trickle down,
I will wait for you patiently. 

Poem by Allison Chambers Coxsey


art journaling

There is this wonderful community art project by "Phoenix Peacock" that I came across.... 
This is why I love blogging and being able to connect with people you wouldn't otherwise!
click the link above to check it out!

This is my first piece dedicated to my art mentor, teacher and friend, Deborah Meyer.  
She is a priceless gift in my life and she is nothing short of sent from god.
She opened the world of art....taught me....saw in me what I was unable to access and help me become the artist I am today.  I love her for so many reasons.

I created this journal piece about participating in the
fundraiser below from afar... 

this is my piece about reaching out to the community with a donation of art to this amazing fundraiser building a school in our beloved Ethiopia....

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mexican scavenger hunt

This week I have gone through all of my Mexico photos to try and be able to share our week away and participate in the Scavenger Hunt!  Here goes....

 High Key-   
So, I had to look this term up.  I am such a newbie, but this is exactly why I participate in these challenges so I can learn and challenge myself.  I hope this qualifies as "high key".  
The photo actually started out very dark, almost silouetted, but I edited it so that the light surrounding my handsome hubby filled the rest of the frame and lit it up.  I like it.  
Here, Tessa is more than happy to give Daddy kisses. 

dance! dance!

What would you do when you see an empty stage in which the lights are shining, probing and the music is playing...just begging someone to come on stage?  what would you do?

That's jump up there and DANCE, DANCE, DANCE!

click here: 
the boys are jamming out....

click below to see more jamming and Tessa's signature "high back kick" move at the end of the video!  wait for it.....It's adorable! I think she gets it from me.....tee hee

So, those spontaneous dance parties in my kitchen have really paid off.....check out those moves!  Drew was completely in his element.  He absolutely loved having the full stage, lights, and music.  You can see his free spirit here!   Jack is totally feeling the beat and jamming out!  Judson was much more reserved and might have been slightly embarrassed by us.....  this was a major highlight of our trip for me.

I hope you dance-
This is Tessa's signature "high back kick" dance move...

 Drew (in double-time!) and Jack jam out!

Jud....hangin low

Andy busts out his own high kicking dance move.  
Lets just say this move is usually not seen without lots of liquid courage.  ;)  But here, he is just feeling it. 

I hope you dance!

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