fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Friday, May 13, 2011

silver lining

So right now I am staying focused on the silver lining.....I finally know what the deal is with my back.

I had an MRI (which alone is a TRIP) and it shows that I have a severe herniated lumbar (L5 near sacrum) disc.    There is a large amount of disc tissue that has broken up and moved into the spinal column and is pressing on my nerves.... hence the PAIN radiating into my left leg, numbness in my foot and cramping in my leg muscles. not fun.

The Dr. has informed me that I must have high tolerance for pain.  Who knew?  Not I, apparently I must for the pain to just now be bothering me.   It is at the point where physical therapy is not really an option.  I am sure I have had this progressing for years.   10 years ago I was pregnant when I began experiencing numbness and sciatic pain in my would come and go.   With each pregnancy it worsened.   It was something I became use to and found it lessened with stretching, yoga, ibubrofen (my b.f.f.) and chiropratic adjustments.   That is until recently when the pain has become much more difficult to tolerate and manage.  

So, it is looking like physical therapy wouldn't have a chance in touching this problem.  A cortizone shot  would be a temporary solution.   Pain meds don't even touch the nerve pain.   At this point we are trying to prevent permanent nerve damage.   Next Monday I will be consulting with a (top notch) neuro-surgeon about the options, surgical and otherwise.  The risks, pros and cons....all that jazz.

Here is the silver lining.....always trying to see that!   I have a real sense of relief to know there really is something wrong.   To know what is actually happening in my body is important and empowering.  I also know that  I am young, strong and healthy which means I will likely have a great surgical outcome.  And I am incredibly grateful to have wonderfully competent health care and have full medical insurance .....I am counting my blessings knowing I am so fortunate.


Sunday Koffron said...

That is a really great way of looking at things. I know about being relieved just to have an answer, and there are a lot of people with no healthcare coverage at all these days. I am sure if/when you have surgery you will do great, attitude is everything

The Lost Planetista said...

It's really amazing what they can do nowadays. It's likely that they'll have you fixed up in no time.

Here's to NO MORE PAIN! :)

Claudia said...

Oh, wow. I'm glad they found out what it was, but sorry that it's not going to be fixable with PT or something else non-invasive! SO GLAD you've got good coverage!Hope your meeting with the neurosurgeon goes well.

Cindy said...

Oh goodness. I hope they find a good fix for you!

Bridget said...

1st, I must say- that photo of you? Breathtaking! You are so beautiful! I'm sorry there has been so much pain. Thinking of you and hoping this all gets better (very.) soon.

scooping it up said...

Good silver lining. sorry about pain and yuckiness. Pain bad. Reason for pain, good. Solving pain, i hope really soon.

Gina, Mother of 16 year old said...

Jen, I am so relieved for you also, but saddened to hear of your pain and loss. Thank you for sharing. It is nice when there is actually something "really" wrong, it's comforting to know we aren't "crazy" huh?!
I also have degeneration L3 and 4 and bone spurs on my S1 and will be getting an MRI to make sure there is no issue like yours. I'll be praying for you for your surgery and all that surrounds it. Thanks for sharing and hang in there! I am confident you will be in good hands with the doctor and at home, (with the other doc:)

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