fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Sunday, May 22, 2011

my "mother's garden"

This spring has been especially exciting for the gardener in me.   That is because last fall I labored for many hours (likely worsening my back pain) in creating an expanded garden next to our driveway and shed.  This garden has been in my mind for a few years.  I split many of my own perennials and was lucky to have inherited many others from friends' gardens.   However, I needed help from a landscaper to create the path I designed the flowers and plants around.  This path went in super fast in the last couple weeks and has completed the garden!  I love love love it.
This is the view from my art studio window.  You can see how the garden's path has divided into 4 sections.   This was a happy thing that just happened.  I didn't purposely divide the garden into 4 sections with the path, but as I was walking along the path I realized that it makes the perfect "mother's garden" for me!   Each section of the garden is named after one of our  4 children.   If they give me a plant as a gift or if we purchase a perennial together we can plant it in "their" section, they can help care for it and watch it grow and change.

The kids are each standing in "their" gardens.

Oh, I love the just gives this large garden exactly what it needed!  Defining the space while welcoming you into it to enjoy.   

i heart my garden.....don't you just love this heart shaped stone?!

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Christina B. said...

Oh I love it! And I love they each have their own little space for you!

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