fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Tuesday, May 17, 2011 I come

Here is the deal with my back-
  The verdict is that I absolutely need surgery for this severly ruptured disc in my lumbar (between L5 and S1).  It is scheduled for June 7th at St. Mary's in Madison and with Dr. Carter, who is top notch.  Dr.  Carter said that this situation is unusual in the fact that we aren't trying shots, physical therapy and waiting longer....the only fix here is surgery and we don't want it to worsen.  This is because the piece of disc material is indeed so HUGE and in my spinal canal pressing on the left side.  Actually, every Dr. that has seen the MRI says, "this is really IMPRESSIVE".  That is never good.  Dr. Carter is a highly respected surgeon, this is a very routine surgery for him, and it will be minimally invasive.  Go in, get the disc out, and hopefully just close me that is also positive. 

But it must be removed and June 7th is the first chance he could get me in because he is leaving town for a couple weeks in a day.  If other important parts go numb (bowels, lady parts) then I would go in for emergency surgery, but now I am taking a steroid to get the swelling down to ease the pain and make surgery easier.  So that is good.  The side effects (acne, weight gain, sleeplessness, hyper/nervousness) of this steroid sound awful and I hope I don't develop any of them.  Like I need any of that!  
But the surgery date of June 7th gives me time to prepare the family and get the swelling down with steroids.

Apparently, the reason I am not in more excruciating pain is because I have a "super-sized" spine and therefore a very large spinal canal...that means more space for the disc to sit in there on my nerves.  More room in there and that means less pressure.  I still feel pain, and the numbness is there, but it isn't nearly as awful as the average patient.  Apparently, this also means I must have undiscovered super powers.  ;)   tee hee....but we knew that   (joke) ha ha ha

So, there it is.  The recovery should be fairly fast.  I will be in surgery in the morning and home later that day.  They want me up and moving around soon after surgery.  I will have 2 weeks of really taking it easy.   And should likely be fully recovered in 6 weeks.  

One of the hardest parts of this is that I can only carry 10 pounds!   Tessa is already struggling with this one and it hurts my heart to not be able to carry her.   I will be doing a lot of sitting on the ground with her.   Having her crawl into her car seat, crib, high chair, changing diapers on the floor....  it will be fine.  Just a pain in the butt, but I already have that!

I better go....the littles are around me and there is chaos brewing. 
But wanted all of you to hear the news from me.   It is good...I am young, healthy and everything points to a wonderful recovery this summer.  I will be sitting in my garden this year and just watching the blooms grow and the little ones run around.  that can't be so bad!?  ;).


Rachel said...

Will be thinking of you! What a pain...

hotflawedmama said...

Good news is you will feel better soon! Bad news is surgery, hate hearing you have to go through with that. :)

Kelsey said...

Wishing you well. Your pictures are amazing and I love your posts. I will definitely be a follower!

carol anne said...

Love your blog, thanks for stopping by!

I had to have back surgery too -- my disc was pinching my sciatic. Not fun. Make sure to take it easy after. (that was the hardest part for me) Someone told me, "you can't re-do your recovery" and it helped when I remembered that.
Good luck!

La Familia Aissa

Phoenix Peacock said...

You are right. You will be fine! But what a pain recovery is. If there is anything I can do from Blogland... please let me know! Otherwise lots of positive thoughts headed your way!

Amy said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Thank you for visiting the fiddlehead report!