fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Superbowl bound! I am not worthy

Go PACK Go!    I know, your thinking, "wait, is this the right blog?"   That would be the normal response to anyone who visits me here or knows me well. Yep, it's in Dallas, TX gearing up for the Super Bowl.  First....a disclaimer.  I am not worthy and I know it.  I just haven't had interest in jumping on board for football mania.  During football season when a game would be on I just don't have it in me to sit for hours watching when I have little people pulling on me, I have a million things to do and I am just not that interested.  So, I am not worthy to be here at the biggest football event in the world, but alas here I am!  (maybe I will be converted....maybe that is what this is about...hmmm)

But really what could be more American?  I am all about this is a true American experience that we will remember for a lifetime!   Of course, it was all my Packer loving hubby's idea......and he is thrillllllled.  I am really excited too!   More than anything I was really happy that he wanted me to come be with him, in stead of one of the many lifelong Packer fans in his life.  I think that is a sign of true love.

In the world according to Jeni, it his "Oprah moment".  The first time I got tickets to the Oprah show a couple years ago Andy came of the only men there, but he was there for my "Oprah Moment".   Of course, the Super Bowl is a totally different and exciting experience!  There is a whole lot of love for the Packers all around us.  We arrived to the Great Wolf Lodge and the wolves outside even had their own green and gold scarves.  It seems only Packer fans are welcome!  No intermixing with the Steeler fans until game day!

Being Superbowl bound means we are kidless.  What a strange feeling as we are here at their favorite hotel which includes a huge water park.....this seems tragic to them.  They love to visit the Great Wolf in the Dells is pure fun.  We are enjoying it all on our own.   A long visit to the hot tub.  A afternoon visit to the spa.  We also went out to a wonderful dinner with Auntie Cheryl and Uncle Don and I didn't chase a toddler, or wipe any faces or cut food.  We had a wonderful grown up Italian bistro meal.   ahh....I drank 2 glasses of my favorite muscato wine.    And now I write after a full nights sleep, uninterrupted awakening on my own at 9:00.  Yes, 9:00....a new relaxation record.   So, far I love being super bowl bound!


AnnMarie & Nick said...

WOOO-HOOO, what a nail-biter. Hope the trip went flawless!

mommaof4wife2r said...

oh my goodness!!! what a great thing to see and do with hubs! i'm super jealous...ok, only a little, but how much fun!

glad to have a new friend!

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