fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

At Last Photos of Tessa

Yesterday was a day of smiles from ear to ear. After visits at the care house with Tessa, we were able to have alone time back at the guest house where we are staying. It has been so difficult to not photograph our sweet girl, but at last I was able to embrace my inner shutterbug. Here are photos of playtime, nap time and snuggle time.

I always hoped that bonding with Tessa would be as natural as with our boys, but you just don't know until you are in it. I can tell you that it has been just as natural, the love overflows. Just like the first few days of getting to know your newborn. You are figuring out their schedule, likes and dislikes. We are doing all these things. It is natural, beautiful and a dream come true.

In the afternoon we brought Tessa back to the care center for her last dinner, her last night sleeping in the nursery before tomorrow! It was difficult to bring her back, we just wanted to continue our snuggling, but this is the transition they have established and I think it works. Then we were off to a little touring and a visit to the Ethiopian National Museum (photos to follow). It was important to see this side of Ethiopia. This area of Addis Ababa is metropolitan, there were government estates & buildings, schools and university, and corporations. There seemed to be many more professionals and students on the side walks and less desperation. While I knew intellectually that this side of Ethiopia must exist I hadn't yet experienced it or been able to see beyond the devastating poverty. And yet it is still so difficult to reconcile how both can coexist simultaneously.

Today was another day of smiles from ear to ear....a very special day, because it was our last trip to the care center. Tessa spent her last night in the nursery last night. We felt so excited knowing that today Tessa's care would be forever given to us, her forever parents. There was the most wonderful celebration awaiting all of us. Tessa, and all the children, came in with their nannies carrying them, all dressed up in their Ethiopian outfits. All that followed was so touching. The nannies dearly love these children and it is always bittersweet to say farewell to them. There were prayers in Amharic and English as we stood in a circle around the nannies with our children. Tessa was looking right at us, sucking her thumb...her favorite thing in the world. They gave us wonderful, personal cards, made handprints and said good-bye. What was so very touching is all the older children at the care center participated and watched this celebration knowing that one day in their future, it would be their turn. They sing their songs to all of us with their excited, joyful voices.

We are relishing in our little girl, her sweet smile and spirit. There is also a part of us that is now anxious to get home and be together as a family...we can't get there soon enough. Juddy, Drew, Jack....we miss you soooo much and are thinking about you every day! We will be home Friday! :)


Daniela said...

She is absolutely adorable! So glad that you have bonded with her already!

Meghan said...
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Meghan said...

This is Kristin FInley, using Meghan's gmail account..... She is beautiful, Jenny. What an an incredibly extraordinary and wonderful experience for you! Your Ethiopian experiences are fascinating to read. Cherish these very precious moments with your new daughter. I look forward to meeting your new little blessing!

Cindy said...

Beautiful Girl!

Tyler said...

Those pict are absolutely priceless... WE are so excited for you all! We can't wait for the moment that we get to meet her.

Auntie Barb said...

Thank you so much for including us in this wonderful adventure to bring beautiful little Tessa home. You have made us love her already! She is truly beautiful and so is her new family.
Sending our love
Auntie Barb

Erika said...

Oh Jennifer...she is SO beautful! I can't wait to meet her! What amazing pics you have captured of your bonding with her. Treasures for a LIFETIME! We are looking forward to seeing you next week. :) Safe travels home and our prayers are with you for everything. xoxxo

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