fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Friday, April 13, 2012

What's working...

Claudia has put out a challenge to say out loud what is working.....
I like the idea of focusing on what we are doing right around here.

Here goes-

Coffee in the morning.  Meeting for coffee with a friend.  iced coffee.
(Not surprising this is what came to me first as I wake up with my cup of joe)

 Yoga.....i need it body and soul.  This photo is from my recent yoga retreat in Cabo.   Making that week to embrace health, relaxation and to get strong body and soul.

Making time for me...whether it is taking an art course, painting in the studio, time with friends, going to yoga, meditating, having a babysitter.  These are all things that are working for me.  That I need to make time for to create balance.

 Spring....thank goodness for Spring!  I love watching the blooms...seeing the regrowth.  The symbolism and beauty.   Seeing the fiddleheads again!  That works for me...just lifts me up!!

Serendipity 7 is my venture with my soul friend, Marcie.  It is all things vintage, up cycled and good.  I love it....we are getting ready for our first vintage sale on April 21st....this is working for me.  I am loving everything about it!   Time with my soul friend, a new challenge, creating awesomeness. 5 year old boy.   I love the alone time we are getting in the afternoon.  This week we snuggled and watched a movie.   Went to the art studio and created.  I love his sweet snuggles.   Next year is Kindergarten for this big boy so this alone time is working for me.

 Alone time with my son and travel.....similar themes as above...but making alone time with my son away from home is priceless.  This photo is from our trip to Guatemala.  This time was precious to me.

You know what else is working but I don't have a photo of?   breaking the cycle of an old bad nuerotic habit.....I am trying to stop picking and biting at my nails.  I got a set of acrylic gel nails put on a month ago.   That stopped the old pattern right there.   I just filed them down and soaked off the acrylic gel to the natural nail and have a pretty decent manicure that I have no desire to pick at.  Really, really working on this and so far it is working.  gotta keep working at it.

Being a mommy and staying at home full-time.....this is working for me.
I love it.  It isn't perfect and neither am I in it.
But I wouldn't trade it or this time for anything.

my marriage is working....
we have our differences, our faults and some how we manage to raise above it.
We are getting awfully good at the art of compromise.
We are listening to each other.
We are aware of each others needs
my hubby is a wonderful, loving man.
He is the ying to my yang. 
   I love him and am so glad he is my partner in life.

There it is- what is working.
...I love staying focused on all of what is working.


Linda Bird said...

I love to know how well your life is working for you!

ginanorma said...

I love this! I might have to give it a try..."what's working..." i like it.

really endearing Jen!!! And awesome captures, especially that first one of the coffee hehe

blessing abound and you don't take them for granted...i love that.

Julie said...

You are beautiful. Coffee works for me too. :)

Auntie Barb said...

Beautiful dear Jeni.....
Love you

Kim said...

Yep. Coffee does the trip. I'm glad to see so many things are working for you!

Claudia said...

What a pretty cup of coffee at the top!

What a lovely post. Like ginorama said, it seems like blessings are abounding. Thanks so much for sharing!

Thank you for visiting the fiddlehead report!