fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Monday, April 2, 2012

return of the fiddleheads

Today was all about being outside , playing, soaking up a beautiful spring day
...and seeing if the fiddleheads had popped up!  

One of the things I love about our yard is that it is 4 acres of varying landscape.  We have  a large wonderful open area in the front yard, which is perfect for kick ball games, for football and for soccer.....your all purpose athletic field.   There is my mother's perennial garden which is a labor of love and in it's 2nd season so I expect it to really be beautiful this year.

The back of the yard is partially woods and the other area leads to a stream in the back of the property.   Near the stream it is the time of year for one of my favorite things to be blooming....
the fiddleheads!!!

Now, I know that I have  thing with fiddleheads and tend to humanize them, but that is just because they are so incredibly symbolic of our life.   
Their unfurling form, how they grow and change, sometimes alone and other times surrounded by other fiddleheads.  They truly are so special to me. I just love them and how they represent growth and change.

to add to my love of the flora and fauna of our yard....

these sprouts...

and then these mushrooms.   Recognize our family?   (again humanizing!)

so happy to witness the fiddleheads and their friends return for another season of growth and change.


S said...

Oh how I would love to have 4 acres. Your fiddleheads are beautiful. Do you eat them, you know they are a delicacy here in Maine, fiddlehead season....sauteed with some olive oil, sea salt and garlic..delish. Oh and how bout a beautiful fiddlehead tattoo?

ginanorma said...

SO cool, LOVE those, I just can't get over that they are FERNS!

LOOK at those mushrooms, wow...

endearing post jeni!!!

hotflawedmama said...


scooping it up said...

the pictures of the fiddleheads are gorgeous. and I LOVE your welcome sign! I was thinking about making one for my front entry way and I am feeling even more inspired!

momto8 said...

how beautiful!! I have discovered photography...and suddenly discover a whole new world..seeing things I saw a million times before but never really saw!!
i am your newest follower.pls follow back if you can.
love your pictures!!

Thank you for visiting the fiddlehead report!