fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Saturday, December 31, 2011

looking back on 2011

As I think back on 2011 it was a wonderful year in the life of the Rikkers

some of my favorite photos from 2011....  its a small glimpse and they are
no particular order (because that would mean that I would need to be more organized!)

Hubby turned 40.

 But he stills got it!

Jack is getting to be such a big boy....he is 5 and loves his buddies
Sometimes they end up in a tree and other times in the muddy stream...

My sister got married.....and had her 2nd baby in 11 months.  crazy girl...I love her.

 We attempted a family picture at her reception....nice try

 Halloween in the neighborhood....riding the trailer in the country trick or treating with friends
 Our crew of characters...

A trip to Mexico as a family....relaxing in the hammock with my sweet girl.

Our oldest, Judson, is 10.
Yep, 10.  I can hardly believe it.  
He is growing and changing to fast for my liking and I have to accept that.
I love him so....

Jack on 2 wheels this summer (age 4)
He was so proud....and it brought tears to my eyes!

 Jack is growing so fast...he is spunky and sweet.
One of his favorite things is tickle time.
Here I am tickling in bed (after I was recovering from back surgery)

Bob the bulldog continues to love, and snuggle and sometimes ends up with frozen drool.

Its the last year we swam in the pool, it became a ramp and then went away forever.

 Drew has an incredible love of life.  He is a happy guy and is usually smiling.  
It has been a great year of growth for Drew in so many ways.

 Nana's birthday.....I love this picture of my Mom
She is now retired and we get to see her more.  yeh!

 we were with Pops on Father's Day...I love this picture of him too.

Our sweet girl, Tessa, 
She has grown so much this year.
And "we" have grown up so much this year.
This was the year I really felt our bond was complete.

Tessa is very much to say.  She loves to sing and dance....and her favorite thing, other than Daddy, is Yo Gabba Gabba.
she is dramatic....she is 2 (need I say more?)

There were sad good-byes....
to a loving cat name "Felix"

And recently, to our beloved Opa (Andy's grandfather)

 We had a wonderful Christmas....and fun making our holiday card.

There is alot to say "chin chin" to!

Cheers to 2011 and the new year to come!


SherilinR said...

beautiful pictures! and happy new year, rikkers!

Julie said...

Beautiful family. Happy New Year!

TerinAleah said...

Happy New Year! :)

S said...

Great photos! Happy Happy New year to you and your beautiful family.

AnnMarie & Nick said...

Loved seeing your year in pictures, you have a beautiful family. Happy New Year!

ginanorma said...

Happy New year and I love your pic choices, my goodness, what will 2012 hold for us?! I know one thing, 20 year reunion! Word.

Auntie Barb said...

So love the pictures and everyone in them! You are amazing my beautiful Goddaughter!
Very very best wishes for a fabulous and healthy 2012 - hope to see you soon!

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