fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas moment

I love Christmas....and all the moments that come with them.
Getting the tree up...the stockings too.
eatting chocolate from the advent calendar.
Lighting our four pine trees outside and seeing them glow

Of all the holiday traditions in our house my favorite has to be the Christmas pyramid... 
which was the best purchase I made while living abroad.
It has its own magic as the angels twirl and the bells chime.  love it.
And love this "moment" from Tessa's first Christmas with us last year.

This year we made it to Brunch with Santa.   Three of the four kiddos were there.  It was the first year Judson chose basketball over Brunch with Santa.  I get it, but I missed him being there for this tradition.   It is a wonderful event and of course the main event is giving your wish list to Santa.  All the kids were very excited to do so.  I had my camera ready as I knew I might catch a "moment".

2 years ago I caught this moment when Jack was 2 years old and met Santa for the first time.   
Oh, the trauma.   .....but it just makes me laughout loud still!!

So, I was ready for any possible moment this year. 
With Tessa being really excited about meeting Santa and showing no signs of worry I really didn't think she would have the same kind of moment Jack did. 
That is until Daddy put her on that strange man's lap.   That is not o.k. and Tessa told the world, just as a 2 year old will do.   

And yes, it was hilarious again.   I was (not so secretly) happy to have 
another classic Christmas "moment".
It still makes me giggle....what is wrong with me?


scooping it up said...

LOVE the first picture, and the last! so funny.

best pre workout supplement 2012 said...

I really love the pictures...

Simone said...

Just too cute! They are going to love looking back at their Santa photos, bought such a smile to my face, gosh I remember those days!!! Your pyramid photo is just magical!!!

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