fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

birthday love.

It's my 38th birthday.....  I am excited for this new year in life and oh, so grateful for it.  
This birthday greeting from my sweet, dear friend Margo just arrived.  How lucky I am to have love in my life.  And this reading says it all.....Had to share it because I love it sooo much and feel so surrounded in love today.
July 19th 2011
"The Lessons ARE Love..."- Journey to the Heart by Melody Beattie.
Reading for today, July 19th...
Lessons of love, that's what they are.
We usually don't know what the lesson is while we're learning it.  Maybe we're not supposed to.  Besides, if we knew it, really knew it, we wouldn't need to learn it.  We'd already be practicing it in our daily lives. But even when we don't know what the lesson is, we can know one thing: it's a lesson of love.
Courage.  Faith.  Patience.  Loving yourself when it looks and feels like nobody else cares. Starting over again one more time, even though we feel like we have started over more times they anyone should have to.  Forgiveness.  Compassion.  Gentleness.  Joy.  Each of these is a lesson of love.
For many of us, the problem isn't that we haven't had love in our lives before.  The issue is that we haven't understood love.  Know this: not only are the lessons about love, the lessons themselves ARE love.
So feel your feelings.  Struggle through your situations and experiences and emotions.  The struggle to learn isn't incidental to your purpose.  It's an integral part OF your purpose, your destiny, your reason for being.  Go through your moments of darkness and confusion, and trust that the light will come.  Through it all, rest in one thought: you're on track.  You're on your path.  You're connected to love. You're connected to God.  And the lessons you're learning are lessons of love.

Thank you, for all my lessons of love through our friendship.  You might be the most important teacher in my life, other than Oprah of course. :)
Happy Birthday, I love you so much, my soul friend. xoxo M


jaime said...

Happy Birthday Jenny! Did you know that Rebekka and I went to school with Melody's daughter. The accident in the book lessons of love happened when I was in jr. high with her daughter. She is an amazing woman! Great Book!

Phoenix Peacock said...

HAPPY birthday my dear!

Phoenix Peacock said...

HAPPY birthday my dear!

finallyMom said...

HAPPY 38TH!! :)

hotflawedmama said...

Happy birthday!!!

Bridget said...

I so needed those words tonight. Beautiful. Happy Birthday!!

The Lost Planetista said...

Happy birthday!
*did you get a birthday tattoo?* :)

S said...

I hope you had a great birthday surrounded by the ones you love and vice versa. Enjoy--40s right around the corner :)

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