fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

40 before 40

40 before 40!

I am excited to be turning 40 on July 19, 2013.  I love where I am at in my life and want to embrace it.  Because I am super visual I really enjoy seeing things right before my eyes.  And so I have decided to try and accomplish 40 things before I turn 40.

Why try to accomplish these goals in the next 2 year and 3 months!?  I think more than anything, because it will just feel good.  There is also the fact that as a full time stay at home mother that it is easy for your "sense of self" to get lost in the everyday tasks.  In addition to giving to the growth and development of my family, I also want to nurture my passions, ideas and hopes.   The "40 before 40"be just that a way to focus on myself and not let those ideas get lost in the everyday shuffle of life as a Mom.

I have scraps of paper with the 40 scribbled...and will be entering the 40 onto an individual page in this journal.  I love owls and this owl is looking straight into my soul, asking "have you been thinking about yourself and your 40 before 40?

Actually, I have been thinking of the 40 for a long time, wrote the scrap paper list months ago and have started making efforts toward them already.  I will journal about the 40 in the owl journal and hope to keep track of some of my progress here as well.

And so, I present to you Jennifer's 40 before 40:

1.  re-establish transcendental mediation practice
2.  learn to ride a horse
3.  host an open studio show with art friends
4.  complete Ethiopia series
5.  have a totally unplugged weekend
6.  long family weekend at boat house
7.  surprise Andy
8.  Run 10K race
9.  go Latin dancing
10.  girls weekend- uninterrupted
11.  finish Studio space
12.  transfer videos to DVD format
13.  service to the church    3-20-2011  service the church
14. reach out to those in need with the kids
15.  alone time with each child for 24 hours
16.  locks of love hair donation
17.  host neighborhood party
18.  get lean, fit and to goal weight
19.  take kids to Disney
20.  go on a ski trip
21.  N.Y.C. to see a Broadway show
22.  visit Washington D.C. with Jud & Drew
23.  spa day with the ladies
24.  finish baby books
25.  complete wooden puzzle and learn to sew a pillow (puzzle post to come)
26.  explore a new art medium
27.  grow a garden with the kids and eat from it
28.  take all the kids on a bike ride
29.  make pickles and learn how to can them
30.  take a photography workshop  
31.  redecorate bedroom
32.  declutter the house and have a garage sale
33.  take bob the bulldog to training
34.  art show in Madison
35.  sponsor an ET child
36.  make a favorite recipe binder
37.  go on a yoga retreat
38.  do something outside my comfort zone    outside-my-comfort-zone
39.  grow out nails
40.  write the children's book with Mom
Then celebrate the first 40 years... BIG!

Of course, this list could change....most likely will here and there.  But to start these are the 40!


hotflawedmama said...

Love it! I'll go on the yoga retreat with you! :)

AnnMarie & Nick said...

I'll join the yoga retreat too:)

Rachel said...

I love this list! Drop us an invite to the art show and we'll road trip! Seriously, it makes me wonder... what could I accomplish by 40? If we're lucky, our biggest asset is time, right? We can do anything with it!

Claudia said...

oh wow, GREAT list! There is some serious stuff there- I'm really impressed! My list basically consists of:
1: Get through the day. 2: see 1.

Look forward to hearing updates!

The Lost Planetista said...

Nothing like being ambitious, huh?! Seriously, I hope you will blog each and every one of these accomplishments. I'm especially interested in: the art show in Madison, the donating hair to locks of love, doing something outside of your comfort zone, and the growing out fingernails. I love this. You're brave for putting it all down- because that means you really have to do it. :)

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