fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Thursday, January 6, 2011

who, who

This is my little owl friend.  We haven't named him yet, but he is deserving of a special name.   I have been exhaustively searching on-line for an owl cookie jar.  Not exactly sure why.  Strange thing to search for for hours, right? But looking for my perfect owl cookie jar became a little bit of an obsession for me!

Why?   Well, I first saw an owl cookie jar in passing in the kitchen of my favorite show, Modern Family, and just loved the idea of having a "kooky" cookie jar.  Something my fun, unique that my kids will remember dipping their little hands into for my cookies.  I really think that is it....creating a sweet memory...."kooky for cookies".

He now sits on my kitchen counter and asks
"Who, who wants a cookie?", of course!
"Who, who stole a cookie from the cookie jar?" of course!

He is a really happy, friendly owl, though and  he doesn't judge.  If you look on-line at owl cookie jars you will see there are many crabby, judgmental owls out there.  Who needs that in their kitchen cookie jar?  Not me.  I mean, look at him, he is advertising his cookies for pete's sake on his nice round tummy.  And he is wise (he knows cookies are necessary), I mean isn't anyone who has ever worn a graduation cap?

So, after an exhaustive search on-line, many lost ebay auctions and one broken owl jar (Mom's gift to me) that was delivered, Mom and I decided after Christmas to have some fun antiquing.  I really didn't expect to run into an owl cookie jar as my search had been solely on-line.  Funny thing is that this guy was in an antique store right here in town all along!  Just waiting and asking,

"Who, who will take me home, fill me with cookies and love me?", of course!

Thank you Mom for my cookie jar.  I love it....and I love that we found it together and will think of you every time I dip my little hand in for a cookie.


Bridget said...

I LOVE it! And I love the idea of creating memories... I have my grandma's candy dish and I treasure it. My sister has her cookie jar....and I'm jealous! :) It's SO cute!

Bridget said...

Oh and you know what is weird/funny/coincidencical? (yes, i know that is not a word). I bought this little owl blackboard for the baby-to-be's room and just wrote on it about 30 minutes.... Who? Who? Will be in this room? :)

The Lost Planetista said...

Dew Drop has been walking around the past few days saying "Who? Who? Who?" then I say, "what?!" and she says "owls say that."

Love this cookie jar. There's something so wholesome about having a cookie jar. I briefly (very briefly) debated the merits of having my own cookie jar, after having seen yours, but I've deduced that I lack the self control to have a cookie jar of my own. Sad, but true. It would always be empty at my house. :)

*and hey, you changed the look of your blog again. I like it! Makes me want to do some blog renovating myself.

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