fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Sunday, January 30, 2011

dreaming of green

Dreaming of green.....sprouting fiddleheads, dew on the grass and twinkling in the morning sun.

Winter has me c...o..o..p..e..d- up.   This time of year is just really hard for me.  
It doesn't help that the boys' favorite pass time seems to be wrestling.  
Someone always ends up yelling and crying.  
I long for the days of being able to soak up rays and seeing the boys happily romping outside for hours.

Thus, I am still in obsessive decorating mode.  
It could be that I am on the verge of discovering a new DSM diagnosis...
"enviro-mania" characterized by a hyper-sensitivity and reactivity 
to lack of color in outdoor environment.   

At the same time this condition means that I am just getting all sorts of tasks accomplished 
and the result is a decor fabulosity. (post to come as they are complete!)
Best treatment seems to be simply adding color inside, changing one's environment when it is just stinking colorless and unchanging outside.   

My Mom passed on her vanity to me.  
Here it is before.... (I need to take this photo before I get started!)
And after.....fabulosity!   I love the way it turned out.   
Steps:  primed (2 coats), then painted a county white, sanded edges to distress it, then rubbed an "ebony"(black) stain very lightly and sparingly.  If it got too heavy I would rub off or sand it lightly.  Sanding is our friend in distressing!   Then some new pewter knobs (from ACE hardware).....
and voila! the vanity has a mini face lift.

So, "enviro-mania" continues....the chalkboard was bothering me a little.  I couldn't see the awesome carved details enough on it.  So, I white washed it with watered down country white paint.  Then wiped the excess off the top so that the white accented the details a little more.  love.

before the white wash-

After....see those awesome details in the wood popping now!?  Love it.  
So does JackJack.

And guess one week Andy and I will have a major environmental change for the weekend.  This will definitely help with "enviro-mania".   In one week we are cheering on the Packers at the Super Bowl.  Yep, that's right.  I am not worthy....but that is another post!  For now it is all about dreaming of green!

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