fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Thursday, July 5, 2012

all tape & glue

All tape & glue....
that is how I feel lately.   
Pulled in many wonderful directions 
and so there is little time left for blogging.
But just in case your wondering all is well.

You know how someone will say something and it really sticks in your head?   
For me that often happens when someone is showing a vulnerable part of themselves.  
Misty Mawn (amazing artist) said at an art retreat last May that she was "all tape and glue".  
That stuck for me.... I loved the visual.  I loved the honesty.   
That while I am here, seemingly put together, I have done so with much help, with much tape and glue.  

I have been feeling pulled in so many directions.   Wanting to create, both for Serendipity7 but also to get in the art studio and create art.  Wanting to have real moments with my kids and not be chasing my tail in the grind.   So hoping to slow down a bit...  

Since my last post in April...
there have been
soccer games for 3 boys, baseball, school ending, a trip to FL, summer school, an art workshop,
 a trip up to Minocqua for a grown-up weekend, days at the pool, days at the boat house, visit to MN, 3 birthdays....Drew turned 9 May 18th, Judson 11 on July 1st and Tessa 3 on July 1st too!    
A birthday party, family visiting, a baptism & becoming god-parents to sweet Parker and Cooper, 
potty training, regression and more potty training, 
and a huge landscaping project here at home.

Its a lot and the part of me that wants to document it all just doesn't have it in me at the moment.   
I am really wanting to be present.
Hopefully, I am documenting these moments in my mind forever....and less here.
Maybe that is just where I am at....overwhelmed a bit and allowing myself to just be.

So, here is what I have to share today.
Life is full, it is good and I continue to try and find the balance
ha, ha!

so you have photos to look at here is our sweet girl, who is growing way to fast.
Today I took these sweet photos in the Ethiopian dress we purchased for our sweetie while in Ethiopia.  I can hardly believe it fits her now!   
geez.  how did that happen.


BOAmommy said...

Thank goodness for the pictures our minds take! I hear ya on being overwhelmed! You are a fantastic Mommy and spending time with the family is what is the most important! Tessa in that 1st picture took my breath away! You are so blessed!

S said...

She is Konjo! I'm tired from reading your post! But that tape and glue must be doing something right cuz you sound in tune.

Molly said...

She is sooo beautiful!! She just has so much joy in those eyes of hers.

Molly said...

She is so beautiful!!! Tessa has such joy in those gorgeous eyes.

Auntie Barb said...

Little Tessa is beautiful! Am so sorry we live so far apart and we cannot be a part of your lives. We are always with you in spirit....carry on my superwomen goddaughter!!

Auntie Barb said...

Little Tessa is so beautiful! So sorry we live so far away that we cannot be more present in your lives.
We are with you in spirit! Carry on my beautiful goddaughter!
Much Love,

Rachel said...

I feel you. I'm coming back to my blog after months of neglecting it and I can't quite figure it out anymore. Does it fit me? What do I share? Does anyone care? Yay for trying to find balance, whatever that means. It's a good thing to strive for, even if we don't really know what we're looking for:-)

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