fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Friday, March 2, 2012

bold bravery...

Today I had to be bold and brave.  Not only because I had 3 out of 4 kids home sick today, but because of
Flora Bowley's Blooming True e-course !!
This is right where I am suppose to be...and I love it!!!

It is my first e-course and I didn't know how much I would be able to soak up.  All of my art "studies" began 6 years ago this month (Jack was a baby nursing during my lessons) and have been with my mentor, Deborah Meyer, whom I owe opening my heart and mind up to my creativity.  Giving me the courage to explore.  If it weren't for her and everything she has taught me and supported me, I would not be here now as an artist.

 In the past when I start a painting I have often worked strictly from a photo reference, or used a photo transfer and painted in what I see now was a "somewhat intuitive" manner.   Like many artists, I would often fight with the painting to achieve what I had imagined in my mind, and not always successfully.

Instead of doing what I normally do, I really took Flora's advice and BRAVELY went into the discomfort.  This is a great technique in therapy as well.  You know you are hitting on a hot topic when it becomes particularily uncomfortable to discuss, now I am understanding this is absolutely the case in intuitive painting as well.   

I had ABSOLUTELY no idea where this painting was going...that is uncomfortable for me in and of itself.  

This is where I started today.
And I had one of my side-kicks along to explore with paint.   

Walk into the discomfort!  be brave!   When you get that nervous feeling as you are about to make a change in a it- go for it - don't hold yourself back!  I felt inspired by the peacock (see last post)  and indulged in the shapes....then felt "bleeding heart"....totally me.

Kept going...moving into the uncomfortable spots.   Kept turning the orientation of the painting not knowing which end is up.  Letting it emerge.

Today as I painted I was looking for what was working and looked away from what wasn't.  I came in with new images and markings.  I let myself indulge in my favorite colors.  It was simply wonderful.  

It morphed and morphed and morphed again.  (my lighting isn't great in this shot...gotta work on that)

It was when I started to completely let go that it really started to emerge.   
I am incredibly excited by the outcome thus far, but more than anything this process is so natural to me.
I am one happy art-filled lady.   I don't feel like this piece is complete, but I am excited about the process and where it is going.  Still not sure which end is up!
Sounds like life.

Imagine just exploring, being free, being bold, being brave with paint.  
If I practice and can do it here, perhaps I can do it anywhere!!


S said...

Whoa. I love the finished product. And i love the new blog design.

Calmil2 said...

Loving it!!! That is life isn't it??
xoxo said...

Wowsa - love the morphing - gorgeous colours and love your blog x xUshonah Fellow Bloomer

Robyn P. Thayer said...

Sweeeeet! great post!

Unknown said...

I am in your ecourse with Flora as well. I have tried with Beth to get on Flickr but technology is stumping me. Just wanted to say it was nice to be able to see what someone else is doing. Your painting is beautiful and you are soaring. Feel free anytime to send me a painting by email attachement and I could send you one as well. Thank you so much and your painting space looks like fun.
Irene Eaves

The Lost Planetista said...

Incredible. For real. I love this. Keep taking it to the brink and back again.

Debbi Baker said...

Looking absolutely beautiful - the transformation is very inspiring!! I'm a week or so behind with my paintings but I am about to go and be brave and do something bold with them!

Debbi Baker said...

Looking absolutely beautiful! I'm about a week behind with my paintings so I am about to go and be brave and find something bold to do with mine!

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