fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Thursday, February 2, 2012

hitting the beach...

Hitting the beach....Guatemala style in Monte Rico.     It was a wonderful day....lunch seaside (at the large hut below), then out to the beach to hit the waves!

The beach was all ours.....and we loved it!   Notice that beautiful sand?  
It is volcanic sand and a wonderful charcoal color 
( I now have a glass vessel of it on my fireplace mantel!)

This isn't the sort of beach you can just go swimming at.  The current is incredibly strong, so much so that it is very dangerous.  Really this is the sort of beach were it is most fun and safe to let the waves push and pull you around on the shore.    Judson was the first to dive in to the waves, roll around in the sand and embrace it!   I did too and had a blast.  The water was the warmest ocean water I have ever experienced.  It was a beautiful day!

 Gosh, I just LOVE this photo of my sweet boy.

One of many giant splashes....and then it was time to dig in the sand.  Karin and Javi did the digging

Jud and Roni (Karin's brother) became a mermaid

And then the surf came in and engulfed that mermaid!

Karin's son, Javi.  This was his first visit to his homeland in 9 years.

This could be one of my favorite shots symbolic of my sweet boy growing up.

A day at the beach in Monte Rico= bliss


chuckandlaurie said...

This was awesome! What an interesting place! Beautifully done journal!

chuckandlaurie said...

What a beautiful journal! You have the gift of sharing your love for family and nature.

ginanorma said...

Gosh, that sand almost looks similar to Santorini! Just beautiful, looks like a fab trip Jen!!!

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