fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

art show.....

Ah....I am feeling a sense of relief.   I just hung up my art show at the Prairie Cafe & Bakery in Middleton, WI (outside of Madison)   and it looks great.

I have been working on a number of new paintings for months.  It has been consuming me on many levels.  There is nothing like that last minute adrenaline to kick my creative juices into high gear!  The night before the show I completed the series "The Art of Hope".    Thankfully these pieces came together at the last minute.  My process is often very messy and disorganized as I jump from piece to piece in my studio.   I usually have about 8-10 pieces in process.  I find I enjoy working on them all simultaneously....there is a cohesiveness that occurs, and it is when I feel my most creative.

This series of paintings was created with the intention to express the hope I held onto after returning from AIDS Walk Africa and while we continued on our adoption journey to bring our daughter home.   Hope was at the core of these journeys for me, and continues to me.   So much so that even the universe acknowledged this hope by giving Tessa her Ethiopian name "Tesfanesh", literally meaning "you are hope".

A little info....they are all mixed-media acrylic paintings.  
"Perch of Hope"

"Born of my Hope"

"Hope Blossoms"

"Hope Lives"

"Mask of Hope"

"Messenger of Hope"

"Symbol of Change"

"Listening for Hope"

These paintings hung together in the space...

And they accompanied the work from the "Message from Swaziland" series...

It is always such an interesting process to show your works.  It leaves me feeling excited, proud and down right vulnerable.   And while I find I have a new appreciation for the older works, I also feel a profound attachment to the newer pieces.  That is always the way for me.   If I could I would like to know where each piece ends up.  So, we shall see who connects to what....but mostly my hope is that these works will stir people in some way.  Maybe the issue of the AIDS pandemic in Swaziland, or that hope lives all around us in nature, in ourselves...we just have to look for it.  

If you are in the area do try and visit the Prairie Cafe and Bakery, which is a fantastic cafe.


Calmil2 said...

Beautiful!!!! So excited for you!!!!!

S said...

These are amazing!!! I saw the ones in La for julies fundraiser and loved those... If only I was rich I'd buy them all. Hope is an eternal theme in my life! Wishing you a great show.

Cindy said...

That is amazing! They are really beautiful!

Bridget said...

AWESOME. Looks great!

S said...

If I was rich, I would buy all of these! I "hope" the show goes well. You are so talented. I knew that when I saw your work at Julie's fundraiser in LA but man oh are an artiste!

Gina said...

Absolutely beautiful, creative, brilliant work! I have always loved your vision--I want a piece!
Lois, the one my post was about, is from near Madison, she has her work in a museum in Madison I think...a lot of her farm scenes are from that area.


scooping it up said...

These are lovely! Wow! I really love your style. The textures are everything in these pieces, wow. And I know how you feel about vulnerability. When we put our art out there on display whether it's painting, photography writing, etc, even the stuff on blogs we open ourselves up for critique. It's not easy. You messages are so uplifting.

Alex Rikkers said...

Jennifer - your work is so inspiring and beautiful. I really wonder how you manage to do it all. I really wish I could see it all displayed in Madison. Congratulations

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