fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Friday, September 9, 2011

my heart at ease....

At the same time I was dealing with some truly negative, ucky energy....
the universe sent me the most amazing knowledge and put everything back into perspective.

Tirunesh is with her forever family!!!!     My heart is at ease.....and full of JOY!
After some heart felt inquiries and the kindness of our adoption social worker, today I received word that sweet Tirunesh is indeed with her forever family.
I don't know anymore information other than just what I needed to know.  Tirunesh has been home with her family for about a year and a half.  So, it is clear that the major issues in her referral were thankfully able to be resolved....she is being loved and nurtured in her forever family and that is a true blessing.

Thank you God.

I realize that with the heartbreak of Tirunesh's invalid referral 2 years ago(see this post) that she was able to unite with her forever family, and as a result we were united with our forever daughter.  I believe it was all meant to be and is just as it should be.

Tonight as I rock Tessa I will be thinking of Tirunesh, knowing that her forever family is indeed looking in her eyes, that she is being held, cared for, nurtured and loved forever.

Thank you God, thank you universe.... for this knowledge, that puts my heart at ease and fills my heart with joy and singing with gratitude!

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Gina said...

Beauty and thankfulness, isn't it incredible how something can come right in the nic of time when you need your spirits lifted!? My heart is at ease now too...thanks for sharing...

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