fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Thursday, June 2, 2011

little buddies

There is something so wonderful and special about watching your children's friendships.  I think because I have been blessed with such amazing friendships in my own life, I want so much for my children to have those meaningful, fun-filled, supportive connections to friends as well.

Here are the little buddies in April having looking for creatures in the stream.  A bath and new clothing was required after this play date!  A sign of a lot of boy fun!

Jack wants nothing more than to be with his friend, Cameron.  Like most early childhood friendships, they are close in age, they live in the same neighbor and his Mom is a dear friend of mine. is only natural that they too would be pals.  And they really are.  I love watching Jack's excitement when he gets to have a "play date" with his pal.

On this day it was warm and Cameron's Mom had invited Jack over to play in the sprinkler.  Oh boy, Jack was geeked up!   He was so excited that he didn't even fight me over the sun-screen application.   He couldn't get there fast enough so he asked if he could ride his little 4-wheeler to Cameron's.     

Look at him all big boy and adorably excited at the same time on his 4-wheeler, with his space monkey back pack, Lightning McQueen swim wear and baseball cap.   Can't get more big boy than that!

I was somewhere between giggling-with-glee and tears as I saw Jack drive off to the "lane" where they meet up between our houses.  (The "lane" is the perfect little off road grass path between our properties...perfectly situated for our two families)
There at the end of the lane Cameron was already waiting and jumping around when Jack approached.   

Life isn't always so simple.....but on this day, at this moment it simply was.  These two pals, just being the best of friends and playing outside together.

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