fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Monday, December 21, 2009

@#$^#@!!! Court date

Sad news on the court update. Our social worker said that the letter from the Ministry of Woman's Affairs(MOWA) in Ethiopia didn't get our letter to court in time for our court date, so the court date was postponed until January 12th! Ugh!!!! MOWA is the same Ethiopian government agency between our agency and the courts that messed up the last court date for us. It is very frustrating. What makes it more infuriating is that there is nothing our agency in Ethiopia can do to control how MOWA handles their cases. So, essentially MOWA didn't get the letter in for our case to make it complete so it could be heard by the court today. 22 more days until the next court date. Good thing there is a lot to keep us busy until then.

A friend just emailed me saying it really makes you think about all the situations in the world in which people don't have any power. How true.


Shannon- said...

I remember adding your blog name to my 'secret obsessive list' as 'someone to watch'. You guys were ahead of me on 'the list' and wanted to watch and keep an eye out to motivate myself and keep myself up and ready. I agonize now - realizing all the little things that cause each of us to have our own personal journey- own personal HECK, own personal Godsends. I pray that court finally goes smoothly this time through. That all paperwork is signed, present and moved into the right hands in His timing. Peace to you. I'll see if I can look in on your little one and give her some love when I'm there.

Emily said...

We actually just had the same exact problem. Our December 21st court date was canceled because Ministry of Women's Affairs also didn't get their letter in on time. Our court date was changed to January 13th. We were wondering if you are adopting through CHSFS because we might end up traveling together since our court date is the day after yours.

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