fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Monday, November 23, 2009

Court Date postponed! Ugh!

The morning of our court date I awoke and ran to my computer to see if there was any news from Ethiopia. Hoping with the time difference we would have already passed court and would be officially declared Tessa's parents!

Sadly, the opposite occured. The email from our social worker said that our court date had been postponed an entire month due to Universal Children's Day....a holiday in Ethiopia! Apparently, a government agency there, MOWA had needed to prepare a specific letter for our case, but this was not done due to the holiday. So, they postponed it. HUGE bummer.

Although, the court date officially makes us Tessa's family, I already love her and know she is my daughter. The courts process really just makes it official so we can go and pick her up ASAP! So, to have more time added onto this wait to have her in our arms is excurciating!

How I wish the Ethiopian government was able to govern its courts with the children's best interests first and foremost! It just doesn't seem like that is the case with such occurences. The irony of the postponement of our court date is that it was due to the holiday there, Universal Children's Day. This holiday was established in 1954 by the UN to bring awareness to children's welfare! Crazy!

The waiting continues....we will hope for the best in December. But realize this could actually happen again. So, we look ahead and focus on the big picture, knowing our daughter is coming.

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