fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bob the bulldog

For anyone who knows me well, it wasn't going to be too long before we welcomed another dog into our lives and here he is...Bob the Bulldog.  He is a french bulldog that we picked up from a breeder while on our way back to my parents house in MN.  He is such a sweet little guy and we are thrilled!  He really is a mix of our last 2 dogs Porter the Pug and BlueBoy in both his coloring and shape.  It has been a month since we lost Blue boy and boy, what a month! But we feel like it is a good time for us to bring this pup into our family.  We have plenty of time to house train him and work on basic commands with him before we bring Tirunesh home.

Speaking of sweet T....we wait for more news on Tirunesh.  It is difficult to know she is growing and changing every day and that we can't be with her because we must wait.  Wait for our request for a court date, wait to receive the court date, WAIT, WAIT!  It is bittersweet torture.  I have sent out a care package for her, which will travel with an agency family so it is only a 1 gallon ziplock bag full.  But I certainly used my space well in that ziplock!  I wish so much that I could start knowing her today.  We are getting little updates on development and growth here and there, and she is doing well.  But there is so much I don't know about her.  Actually, I don't have it in me to make that list right now because it is just to difficult.  
I am thinking of you all the time sweet T.  Sending our love out to you!  We have a puppy for you to love now! ;)

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Cathy said...

Love the new puppy. YEAH! Keeping my fingers crossed that the rest of your process goes smoothly and you can bring that little girl home soon.

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