fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Sunday, May 3, 2009

And we wait...but the fiddleheads are popping up!


The wait for our sweet girl's referral continues...over 12 1/2 months and counting.  I am distracting myself with all kinds of art projects, house projects and gardening.  This weekend Juddy had his first day of soccer where I saw a baby who looks EXACTLY how I imagine our sweet girl.  Well, after a debate in my head, I decided to approach the Daddy holding him and asked the question "May I ask you a personal question?"  He said, "Yes", but was probably bracing himself.  Of course, I was asking if his son is from Ethiopia and he answered "Yes!".  I explained why I asked.  He understood and we started talking.  The baby was smiling at me and looked so happy with his Daddy it just got me all emotional.   Darn it!  I wish I could control that part of me better!  So, I got teary and started the "ugly face" cry for a moment.  My sunglasses couldn't hide the tear on my cheek.  Well, it was a tear of joy for my sweet girl, but also to see such a happy family and baby united.  I hope we will get to know this family better as they live fairly close.  It will be great for our families to know other Eth-Amer Families!  And so the wait goes on.  I am not on pins and needles, but have settled into the extended wait and am trusting the process as best as I can.  But, I can hardly wait!!!!

This weekend the fiddleheads are popping up in our backyard near the stream.  It is so beautiful to see their shapes and the way they appear to be snuggling together.  I just LOVE fiddleheads.  What is so special about them is that they remain fiddleheads for just such a short period before they bloom fully into ferns.  They remind me of children in how fast they change and must be cherished.  And they remind me of a family in how they are all curled together.

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