fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Monday, July 14, 2008

Thinking of our Ethiopian Daughter

With so much to say about my journey to Africa, it is not lost on me that I haven't yet mentioned our daughter. Traveling to Africa felt on a very deep level like I was making a connection to our daughter. Of course, Swaziland is a very different country than Ethiopia, and yet I couldn't help but feel like just being on the continent and experiencing Africa was coming a bit closer to our daughter.

With each day that passes we are getting closer to her. As I met children and saw the expressions in their faces I wondered what her face would tell me. As I visited the clinics and walked the roads that the mothers walk, I thought of her birth mother. Where is she right now in this moment? What is she feeling and experiencing? What are the reasons she will come to choose adoption for her child? Are any of the reasons related to what I saw for myself in Swaziland? These are questions that may never be answered, but as I left Africa I left a part of my heart there and thought to myself...I'll be back and next time it is to bring you home, Sweet Girl.

In this vein, yesterday, Marcie (my dear soul friend here in Monroe) bought this amazing photograph for my birthday at Madison's Art Fair on the Square (see link below). Marcie called me over to this photograph, by Lisa Kristine, of a young Ethiopian girl in front of a red door. She is looking right into your soul and it brought me to tears. Immediately, Marcie insisted on purchasing it for me as a gift, and I have to say it is the perfect gift for several reasons. This photograph, given as a birthday gift, represents to me the year ahead. The girl looking out of that photo speaks with her eyes directly into your soul. The red (the color Marcie is always drawn to) door in which the girl stands before represents to me the door we are opening to a new life and love in our family this year. It is absolutely the most amazing and beautiful gift. I love the image and I love that Marcie gave it to me...a new year ahead of new life and love for all of us. Thank you Marcie....
Please see this link to see all of Lisa Kristine's amazing work!

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