fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Monday, April 14, 2008

Escape to San Diego!!

Jack and I just arrived home last night from a 4 day trip to San Diego to visit our dear friends, Angie, Art & Parker (12 months) Behnke! What a wonderful time we had. The Behnke family will soon say good-bye to beautiful San Diego for a new adventure in Newport, Rhode Island and so this trip was about witnessing their wonderful life and embracing all San Diego has to offer! Having the "insiders" tour of San Diego was wonderful and experiencing it with my dear friend made it even better! Angie and I also had girl time (thanks to Kemia, their babysitter and Art) to have delicious fruitty curry, shop in Mesa (where I left with a new outfit on!), tour the city, hike the bluff overlooking the pacific (amazing view!) and have a margarita mid-day and mojitos with Angie's friends in the evening. San Diego is a wonderful mix of sun, beach, canyons, beach towns and sophistication. I loved it and hope one day that we can meet the Behnkes there for a vacation and make it back there as a family! It was the perfect mix of girl time and time with our boys!

Jack was a great traveler and played well with sweet, jovial Parker, who is 5 months younger. Jack has never been with a baby younger than he, so I think he quickly realized he was the big boy. He would hug Parker and sometimes sit on him if he was crawling...just like his big brother Drew did to him! They had fun being together (like their Mommies) and Angie and I just relished in seeing our boys together. As you can see in the photos they both loved bath and play time.

With life as it is is a small wonder that I was able to jet off to San Diego and didn't happen without a supporting crew! First, Thank you Andy for supporting me in getting this weekend in. I love you for it and so many other things!! Omie and Opie...couldn't have done it without you taking my place at home with the kids during the week. Thank you! Andy and the boys so enjoyed their weekend with you! Thank you to Art for watching the kids so Ang and I could have such amazing time together. Also, for being a great Dada figure, which Jack clearly needed. And my love to Angie for embracing every minute together. I just loved seeing you and Art in action as loving parents to your sweet boy and feel so fortunate to have witnessed this very special place in your lives. Love to you..miss you already!

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