fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Thursday, January 26, 2012

ahhhh Guatemala.....

Today I write from Guatemala City, Guatemala....
To jet off to a foreign locale is not a normal occurence for me, although I wish it were!
But when you are invited to see the county of your wonderful friend you don't say no!  
That should be a rule...never say no to a guided tour of anyone's country.

I am so grateful...and even more grateful that I brought my oldest with me to join in on the journey.   With a family of 4 children, to have alone time with one of them is really a treasure.  It is my hope that Judson will look back on this time with a sense of adventure, exploration and remember us just being together. 

After arriving in Guatemala we had "Pollo Campero" which is a famous restaurant here.  You see them everywhere and I can see why.  I don't want to insult Pollo Campero by comparing it to KFC, but it is similar only much more delicious! *My diet starts when I return* Until then I eat!
Then it was time to recover from a night of no sleep and all travel.    Getting a nap in was a good choice, because then it was time to go to  El Portal del Angel. click that link to see just how AMAZING it is!  This restaurant overlooks the Guatemala City, on top of mountains, and it is simply breathtaking.  Not to mention the restaurant itself.  A very special welcome to Guatemala!

Day 2-  Antiqua

OMG this town is amazing.  Only a 45 minute drive from Guatemala City.  The drive alone is an adventure, but a beautiful one through the mountains.  Driving here is a real skill, and we are in the good hands of Karin's brother.   Arriving in Antiqua, formerly Guatemala's Capital city, you first see the incredible picture book beauty of this place. 

From the greenery, to the centuries old buildings, the stone streets, the old wooden doors, the vibrant colors of the buildings all around.  It is simply a treasure and I feel in love with this city.   Karin said that we would see more Americans in Antiqua than Guatemalans, this is true and I totally see why.  It is gorgeous, full of history, very safe and built around maintaining the integrity of the city.  Who wouldn't want to visit, live there or retire there!?  yes, please.

To truly embrace the city we went on a 3 hour long city tour by an American, Elizabeth Bell, who has lived in the city since 1969.  She was incredibly knowledgable about all things Antiqua, the culture, the buildings, and is equally involved in improving the lives of Guatemalan people.   It was a tour to city hall, the current cathedral, the ruins of another majestic cathedral that was destroyed hundreds of years ago in an earthquake, a visit to a Jade company that preserves the art of Mayan culture's immortal jade, an a visit to the local art and archeological museums, that are really a site to see. 

(This is the cathedral in the city center of Antiqua)

The ruins of the cathedral that was destroyed in the 1773 earth quake were breathtaking.   Just being in this space felt incredibly inspiring....the history, shapes, the sky, the textures.  I was loving every bit of it.

Even these heads on stools were....interesting.  Strange.   
Not something you see everyday so I had to capture it and of course, share it!

While at the St. Joseph cathedral ruins the guide told us to go ahead down in the "cript", here they there are statues and it feels ancient.  

The guide told us to take a photo with our flash to capture the "orbs"....the spirits that remain in the cript. I took several photos and each photo the orbs are different.  Who knows....but I tend to believe it is possible.

There was also a stop at a Le Casa Del Jade  to see the beautifully crafted jade pieces and learn about the history of jade in the Maya culture.

After our tour we hopped on a bus up the mountain to a wonderful restaurant called "the fork".   It was italian and simply delicious!  Juddy was so excited to have cheese pizza, which he could live on.  The restaurant was surrounded by the most amazing gardens filled with sculptures overlooking the valley and  the volcan de agua- a volcano with a lake at the top- in the distance.  Gorgeous!

Then it was time for a short drive to San Antonio Aguas Calientes , a Mayan community full of artisans.  The artisans, preserve their art and support their community through these amazing textiles, hand weaved on looms.  Of course, I did what I could to support the local economy!   A wonderful Mayan woman, named Sonya, invited me in to her shop to dress me as a traditional Mayan woman.  The clothes were beautiful, rich in color, and quite heavy, she even had me carrying a blanket on top of my head. 

We visited the Hotel Casa Santa Domingo for a tour of the grounds and the beautiful  Maya archaeology museum there on site.  I was taken by these beautiful bells...

Here we are on top of a glass display with some of the archaeological  findings below us

Within this hotel there was a walkway with these amazing hanging orchids....

What a very special day full of culture and beauty- more to come...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

love photo session

Can't resist sharing a little bit of an engagemnt photo session with a wonderful couple....
Allison & Kyle

They are in love.....

They want to be together forever and say....

Can't you just feel how excited they are to start their life together?!

May you always feel the warmth of your love in your heart!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

a place in time

Today my mind is going to a very different place in history that I have only known through history books and images on t.v.  A place in time in which I have not lived, but holds the roots, the legacy of racism and inequality.

And while I have not lived in that time, or known such hatred and inequality, I believe we must know where we have been as a culture, as a country, as people to know where we are going in the future.

To think there was a place in history in which I would not have been able to be my daughter's mother.

  A place in time where she would not have the same priviledges and rights as her brothers.  

A place in time where she would not have been able to swim along side her friend.

A place in time when my sister would not have been able to marry the man she loves.

A place in time when my sisters children would have been alienated...

A place in time when the "idea" of an African American President seemed impossible.

  (this is my son, Jack, pointing to President Obama on Inauguration Day)

Today, in this place in time I am aware that all is not perfect.  I am aware of that people still hold hatred in their hearts and change must continue.

In this place in time I am embracing my gratitude for the social movement and messages of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr,
for the ability to create change, embrace our differences... to hold on to equality and ultimately to love one another.

"I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality... I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word." 
Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

blog here or there? anywhere?

I am feeling at a cross roads with my blogs.  I love blogging.  Documenting our life.  This blog started as a record of our family and journey to our daughter.  It has evolved into my space to share all the things I family, friends, art, photography, adoption issues, mommy-hood, home decor, vintage and just life.   

I started an art blog a little while ago as a way to seperate my art life from my life-life.   Not sure that is the best is feeling burdensome to have that blog and this blog.  But now I am thinking I should fuse it back together just into one blog.   For some strange reason it feels weird to abandon a blog....strange emotional attachment to something I have created.  no surprise there!

I am thinking out loud here....but that is exactly what blogging is, right?
The other blog is

Thoughts?  Anyone out there?   

Monday, January 9, 2012

hair twist-a-rama

This is our new favorite hair style of the moment.....small hair twists.
Really they are like hair "twist & twirls".

I reserve this for a big hair comb out with morrocan oil for a deep condition
the I take small sections, apply some of Carol's Daughter hair mimosa 
I love the moisture and shine it gives our sweet girls hair.  
And the scent is heavenly. 

 To sit still for an hour of hair we require a sucker and Yo Gabba Gabba....

In the end these twists and twirls looks so pretty....and I am surprised by how long they last.  
I have kept them in for a week at the most.
Not bad for a vanilla Mama!  

Thank you for visiting the fiddlehead report!