fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Friday, February 26, 2010

We met our new daughter today!

There are no words to fully capture a day like today. It was amazing because we met our daughter! I will do my best here to share the day, but knowing that there is far more to share and too few words right now.

After breakfast we went over to the care house with all the families. We all waited with enormous anticipation for each of our social workers to come down and call our names to meet our children. It was something to watch each family go off to meet their child. I was in tears the entire time. Families were being united! At last, it was our turn and we ascended the stairs with a camera-man taping us as we go to Tessa's nursery (with 11 other babies). There our social worker, Meron, held her. She was not tearful or crying and she handed her right over to me. I did the tearful, crying part for both of us! It was beautiful. Andy and I both enjoyed those first few moments and felt so much love that it is hard to explain. We took her down to a carpeted area to play. She mostly just stared at us, even when we offered her toys. She was watching us and seemed to know something was going on. She is so adorable, so snuggly and sweet. No matter what we did to try and get her to smile she wouldn't crack a smile. I don't blame her, I would do the same thing. After a while, I held her in a rocking chair and she fell right asleep on my chest...I have a drool mark to show for it! It was such a wonderful moment. Andy and I were soaking it all up. I was able to feed her and then it was her nap time and our time for meetings and lunch.

Between meetings we were able to have two more visits with her nickname is Tesfu. The 2nd meeting she recognized us, but continued to stare and suck her thumb, which is her favorite thing. The 3rd visit came about an hour later. It was then that we cracked the Tessa smile code! Oh what a smile and how it lights up her face! It was wonderful. We are so happy we had 3 visits with her today, with each visit I know she will grow to trust and know us more and more.

That is about all I have in me for now. This country is beautiful. The most beautiful part so far is the love they have for these is so expressed by them all. I love that. There were sad tears today, but many more tears of joy. It was a beautiful that will stay with us for a lifetime.

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