fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

1 day....

1 day and we are on our way to Ethiopia!! It is surreal. This is really happening!? I have been in such a super-organization/nesting mode that I am looking forward to leaving that behind and being able to emotionally dive into this journey. Right now it feels difficult to fully connect because I am so distracted by everything here with the kids.

I am grateful for the long travel ahead, time alone with Andy and to be able to be fully present in this process. The flights will give us time to talk about all we have been through and the week ahead, which will undoubtedly be one week we will never forget. How often in our lives do we actually know we are meeting one of the most important people in our lives? Almost always, you meet someone who you will love and have no idea in that moment that God has brought you together for a reason, a purpose. We have the beautiful gift of meeting our daughter. Knowing that we already have love for her, will get to know her and her us, and will take a journey together for the rest of our lives. That is so beautiful, isn't it!?


Cathy said...

Have a safe trip! Soak it all in and enjoy. It was hands down the hardest and most beautiful week of my life.

PS--Say hi to Rachel for me--she is in your travel group and a fellow blogging buddy of mine!

Emily said...

So happy that you guys are leaving so soon! You must be so excited! You're leaving TOMORROW! Can you believe it!?

Have a wonderful time as you meet your new baby girl!

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