fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Friday, February 26, 2010

To: Judson, Drew and Jack

Dear Judson, Drew & Jack,

We miss you and cannot wait to introduce you to your sister! She is even cuter than in those pictures. I know that is hard to believe. You all will just love holding her little body and seeing how she loves being tickled and smiles. She is a snuggler just like all of you! I got to feed Tessa some cereal with a spoon and give her juice from a small metal cup. She hasn't had a bottle yet, but I think she will love one, because she likes to suck...her favorite thing is to suck on her thumb! Maybe she will like a nuk like Drew & Jack did. You are all the big brother now to Tessa! I can't wait for you to meet her!

It was a very, very long trip here, but everything went perfectly. Someday we will all come here so you can see what Tessa's home country is like. It is a beautiful country. There are mountains in the distance that I can see. Addis Ababa is a busy capitol city. It is very different than life at home. Most people here struggle for everything like food, clean water, clothes. It makes me so very grateful, but also sad that we can't do more. I want you to know that today I met some children your age at the care center that are waiting for their forever families! I bet some of those little boys will get to wear your shirts and play with the match box cars you sure to tell Nicholas and Cameron this too. There are families here right now that are all bringing home their children that are your age! You should see how happy they are to know their forever parents! I wish I could show you with photos, but we are not allowed to bring a camera into the care know how much that is bothering me!!!

It is the middle of the night here and I should go back to bed. I love you and miss each one of you. Be good to Brianna and be sure to give her a thank-you and hugs for all she is doing.
Mommy and Daddy love you and miss you so much. We can't wait to bring Tessa home and all be together!

I hope you are enjoying your treasure hunt!

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Colleen said...

Hi Jennifer,
Drew is doing fine but anxious for everyone to come home. He brought back his library book about Ethiopia and he loved the section on money and stamps. If you could bring him back samples of those items, he'd be so happy. Everyone in the class anxiously awaits the count down to Tessa each morning!! We have a Tessa doll and a new puppy being named after Tessa in our class!! Love and enjoy your beautiful dialogue and photos-no mascara needed is so appropriate as tears of happiness must stream from every readers eyes, including mine. God Speed--Colleen and 22 Kindergartners

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