fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Sunday, February 28, 2010

This is Big Love

-Hosanna is my daughter's birth place located about 4 hours drive south of the capital city, Addis Ababa. Today we left at 6 a.m. to make the trip to Hosanna to have a meeting like no other. Today was the meeting with birth parents or the person that discovered your child. I can tell you that it is more emotional and heart wrenching than anything I have ever experienced. We have 9 families in our travel group and each of us were so fortunate to have a meeting. We were so hopeful that Amarech would decide to come meet us and she did.

Our meeting with Amarech was beautiful. We were able to ask her questions about Tessa's first days. She gave us so much in this meeting. A connection to Tessa's first chapter in life. We will be able to tell Tessa about Amarech, who she is in her life and her love for her. I won't share the details of this meeting because it is absolutely sacred and for Tessa. But I can tell you it was quite literally one of the most memorable, emotional and beautiful moments of our lives. Amarech (pronounce Ah-ma-resh) has the most amazing gentle, loving presence. God sent her into Tessa's life, I am absolutely certain of it and so is Amarech.

After all the meetings were complete we had a candle lighting ceremony. All the birth parents on one side of the room, all the adoptive parents on the other. The birth parents said a prayer for us and their children in Amharic and we said a prayer for them and dedication to their children for a lifetime. The birth parents passed over the lit candle representing the child to us. Both adoptive and birth parents kissed cheeks and embraced. There were no words, none necessary. In the birth parents eyes was sadness, pain, love and hope. In my eyes and heart was sadness, pain, love and hope.
This ceremony was beautiful, rare and full of love....all this love on both sides of the room for the very same children.
It was the greatest love I have ever witnessed. This is Big Love.

Today was a day that helped my heart grow stronger even more full of love.


Sharon said...

Wow. There are no adequate words to convey what I felt reading that. You express yourself so eloquently. She's lucky to have you as a mother and she sounds wonderful too.

All the best as you start your lives together!

margo said...

Full of love and tears for you reading this. I cannot wait to see you guys and love on little Tessa. This blog is so moving I need to read it everyday before I put on MY mascara! LOL. Love you!

James Kellison said...

I'm so happy for your family. I'm following along and appreciating how well you describe your experiences. Positive feelings are streaming your way for a safe journey home.

Cristy said...

Jeni - Thank you for sharing such intimate details of this spiritual journey. Please know you are wrapped in our prayers. Kindest regards, Cristy & Todd

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