fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Friday, March 12, 2010

The new normal

It has been a week at home tonight. Being at home with the kids in our space has been wonderful. But we are trying to find the new normal....I am trying to find it. It is taking a little time, which I think is understandable and not unlike the first days after bringing a baby home after birth. Thank goodness Nana and Pops have been here to catch us during the rough moments. The moments when the little people are testing me....every part of me.

This week I have relished in having extra hands and assistance around every corner. I have been just plain spoiled by it. We have had Nana & Pops here for a whole week...and I may not let them leave. They have really been helping us transition. Making sure everyone, including me were getting their needs met. How amazing are my parents! Thank you Mom and Dad, I love you so.

We have been surrounded by love. Friends visiting and showering us with love. Dinners at our door. Play dates and a sleepover for the boys. All the love coming our way is amazing. This community we live in is one in which people reach out, they celebrate with you and want to help support you as a family for the long haul. I love it and know that this small town, while not perfect, certainly has perfection because of the people in it and in our lives.

Next week I will "be on my own". I know I will be fine. I just need to dive into the routine, figure out the kinks....make sure I am up early in the morning to get ahead of the rush, have a routine after school to handle homework and dinner. The new normal will feel normal eventually. In the meantime, I just really want to soak up this very special time and getting to know Tessa. I want to try and brush away the chaos when it creeps up and then remind myself "when someone is their least lovable they need love the most". We will push through and get on the other side to the new normal.

Have you seen our beautiful sweet girl today? My gosh, she amazes us all. She seems like she is adjusting to all of us beautifully. She seems comfortable, happy, secure. Her eyes and smile tell me she knows I am her Mama. The boys make her so happy. Tessa loves to watch the boys and loves it when they play with her. Tessa is such a joy. Is this really happening? Sometimes I can hardly believe it. You know life is good when you have to pinch yourself....even in the chaos of it all!

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