fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

intuitive painting

Recently, I came across my very first painting.  I painted this while I was pregnant with Jack about 6 years ago at an art therapy class that was about expression.  I remember the many steps  in creating this painting.  I wasn't given any direction and was just told to paint whatever felt right.  I did....and it wasn't easy.  While I really enjoyed the process of playing with the paint I was much more interested in producing something beautiful.... a "real painting".   I remember in the end feeling frustrated with the result....I don't know what I was expecting, but this wasn't it.

When I look at my paintings I remember the experience of creating it....some are effortless and full of joy, others have stumped me, frustrated me and had many evolutions.  But I am always left with a feeling(s) for each one.

Over the last 5 years I have grown so much as an artist.  I have found both a love of painting from a reference as well as painting intuitively.   Letting the painting lead me.   The Message from Swaziland series was a very intuitive process, one I truly loved and felt passionate about.   Knowing how much I loved this process I know it is something I want to explore further.

Soooooo,  I am indulging myself in an on-line e-course called Brave Intuitive You by artist Flora Bowley, an artist whose work I really love and admire.  Her work is so inspired!
This course is all about connecting within, preparing your soul to express itself intuitively.  No expectations, there are no mistakes just the process of creating.   This feels like right where I am suppose to be....indulging in intuitive painting, not being constrained, just loving the paint and the process.....
I am so happy to be an artist, to be able to be free to create and share this intuitive part of myself on canvas.

Here are the first couple steps of one of the paintings I am creating in this the end it will look nothing like this! 
The 1st step was a warm colored layer....
The 2nd step involved just painting with no intention, no mistakes.  
Using various tools to create marks and interest.   
This painting has no intentions at this point, just intuition!

who knows how it (and the others) will evolve!  isn't that awesome?!  So excited!

click here to more about Flora Bowley

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Calmil2 said...

Glad you're loving it!!! Isn't she great??? Can't wait to see how your painting evolves....
xoxo, Harmony

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