fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Jack-o-lantern

Dear Jack Jack, our Halloween baby,
It was Halloween 5 years ago.  I was a week overdue, miserably pregnant and sooooo ready for you to enter our family!

You arrived at 5:32p.m. (I will always remember the exact time because it was the same as our address in military time 1732)  
Your birth was such a wonderful birth....
Since I was a week overdue we scheduled your induction for Halloween morning.   I knew what to expect, the laboring started slowly throughout the day.  Daddy, Nana and Omie were all there waiting with me, excited to see you enter the world.  In the afternoon I had asked for the epidural right at the point when I couldn't tolerate the pain any longer.  I remember the relief of that wonderful epidural (what a sweet thing), being able to rest and relax until the action really started.   As things were gearing up for your entrance in the world Daddy ordered a pizza, but by the time it was delivered it was also that time to push.  So, the room smelled like Daddy's favorite pizza for you to enter the world!

Daddy had delivered your brothers (at a different hospital) but when it was time for those last couple pushes he and the OB/GYN were being overly polite saying "you go ahead", "its o.k., you".   While I was waiting for those last couple pushes, that can hardly be held back,  I said something to the effect of "Andy! you delivered the other boys, get down there NOW!"   That ended their politeness and Daddy got into position to deliver you.  Daddy was the first person to hold you, our third son.  It was wonderful and blissful.  We were all overwhelmed by your sweetness, our love for you and the miracle of that moment.  I will never forget that feeling. 

About an hour later the big brothers came in with Pops from trick-or-treating to meet you,  Drew was dressed up as Superman and Juddy was a race-car driver.  They were so excited and even offered you some of their candy.
Jack, your name did not come to us immediately.  We had a list we were talking about but became distracted when your jaundice became very severe.  You had been born with a high billirubin level and it only increased in your first day.  They took you from us and sent you to St. Mary's hospital in Madison to try and get the blood levels under control.  It was scary and sad that they wouldn't let us ride with you in the ambulance to the hospital.  We met you there.  I was so sad when I saw your incubator and it said, "Baby Boy Rikkers".   You looked so large compared to the other babies in the NICU....the nurses said you were a giant there being born overdue.   But you were very sick.  They poked and proded at you  with needles and it made us incredibly sad, but we knew they were doing exactly what your little body needed. 

On your 3rd day, while you were in the NICU and we stayed at the Ronald McDonald house, we thought about your name more.  One of the nurses said you were a little Jack-o-latern because you were born on Halloween and were glowing a yellow-orange color from your jaundice.   That comment along with the fact that we just loved the name Jack sealed your name.  When you were born your face looked like an old man and reminded me of my grandfather.  Right after you were born Nana said you reminded her of her father Poppy just as I was about to say the same thing.   Which is why your middle name is Anderson after that side of the family.

We came home from the hospital on the 5th day.

So incredibly grateful that the NICU had been able to treat your jaundice and prevent any damage.  We are so grateful for your health.

And look at you today at 5 years old. Equal parts spunk and sweetness.  You give the best hugs and snuggles.  So spirited, mischievious and at times stubborn...know what you want and don't want.   With a laugh that is so absolutely contagious.  You feel things deeply and love big.   
We feel so honored to be guiding you in this world 
We love you sweet boy...
Happy Birthday Jack Jack!


hotflawedmama said...

I LOVE that story! Happy bday, Jack!

S said...

Happy Birthday to your Jack. I'm a halloween baby too, tell Jack I think it's better than being on Christmas. And 5 year old boys, yummy.

Bridget said...

I LOVE this!! And I love the love Jack (even more now!) :)

Rachel said...

The picture of the kids peeking in on him in their Halloween costumes is PRICELESS. And thank goodness for everyone's health.

~april said...

what a sweet rememberance of your son's birth! our son came home from the hospital on halloween 3 years ago. i think it's a great time of year to be born! happy b-day, jack!

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