fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Monday, March 14, 2011

scavenger hunt Sunday

Scavenger Hunt Sunday...

1. Vanishing Point
this is likely outside the box for "vanishing point", but I see many abstract vanishing points, and 
it was what felt right.  

2. Square Crop

Isn't the inside of red pepper just so beautiful?

3.  Under 

you are not mistaken.
Yes, indeed that is Bob the Bulldog with frozen drool hanging under his chin.
Just a week ago it was indeed cold enough for Bob to go outside, get excited playing with his dog friend, which led to the frozen drool.  Yep, it is one of his many gifts.

Photography love...

4.  Welcome to the Jungle....

my home is like a jungle most the time....
here, my sweet girl is trying to snag my new "jungle mama" 
shoes as she is wearing her own jungle print!
  I think not.  
(And I realize this is the second week these shoes have been featured in my scavenger hunt. 
They are that awesome.)

5. Calm
Jack Jack so unusually calm.    Ahhhhh.
Could also be a potential shot for vanishing point...
but the peace and calm of this shot won out.
Scavenger Hunt Sunday                                                                                                The Paper Mama The Paper Mama
                                                                                      Paper Mama Photo Challenge: Peace

Ashley Sisk  has chosen one of my ideas for a prompt: imperfection

 for next's week scavenger hunt challenge.... it seems only right from me!

here they are all the prompts for next week!

  1. Camera Phone (current Mortal Muses theme - you can either share a picture taken with your camera phone [not limited to iphones since I don't own one] or get creative with the prompt)
  2. Camera (Becky's suggestion)
  3. Shoes (Becky's suggestion)
  4. Chair (Ewa's suggestion)
  5. Imperfection (Jennifer's suggestion)  -   yep, that's me.


Ashley Sisk said...

These are so so great - I still love your shot for under but they are all great!

kbreints said...

Oh no! That frozen drool is way to much! Hilarious!

That vanishing footprints picture is for sale in my Etsy shop!

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Tara said...

These are great! I love love your shot for under! Best shot ever.

Kat Sloma said...

That red pepper shot is wonderful - I like how you composed it in the square format. But the jungle mama shoes with the jungle baby - priceless. Thanks so much for linking in to Exploring with a Camera.

Sheila said...

I love the bulldog! That is hilarious.... and to be able to capture it with a great photo! Awesome!

Anne U said...

Under is great! And I want those shoes in your jungle shot.

Ms. Pony said...

The red pepper shot is amazing- great lighting and detail! As for the jungle- those shoes are making me jealous! I don't usually go for such loud accessories, but those look like way too much fun to wear!

Rachelle said...

OMGoodness - - his spittle is frozen! I love the winter, but the pooches do not. The bell pepper? I agree. I keep taking pictures of them (and always shoot before I let anyone cook with them). I might be developing an obsession. Beautiful interpretations.

Becky@ My Daily Journey said...

I love each one of your findings!

The red peppers is my favorite one this week!

Brooke said...

These are all FANTASTIC! I love your take on vanishing point.... so creative. And your jungle and calm shots are so SWEET!!!

Lisa said...

Love crashed out kid photos!

Phoenix Peacock said...

all great shots, I love love love the Jungle shot!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Your under and calm are soo funny! love your dog...

Ted and Lori said...

These photos are amazing. I too love the inside of a red bell pepper. The dog drool photo is hilarious. I visited some Finnish friends one Christmas, and their basset hound would come in from walks and fling the frozen slobber all over the apartment. It was hilarious and disgusting, in equal parts.

Thank you for the kind comments on my little neglected photo blog.

Thank you for visiting the fiddlehead report!