fiddlehead.....every changing, ever growing

fiddlehead....ever changing, ever growing

Friday, September 4, 2009

Grief and Hope

To have loved and lost a child I never knew is such a painful experience.  Tirunesh became apart of my heart from the instant I saw her sweet face.  She became apart of our family dialogue every day....where will she eat at the table, where will she sit in the car?  She became apart of our image of our future as a family.  Her name just rolled off our tongues and became the natural and sweet music to our ears.  To say good-bye to those dreams is so painful.

With this grief also comes the realization that we must feel this loss to be able to open our hearts again.  We know that our daughter is still on her journey to us and we can feel the joy and hope in that.  This journey is so much about seeing the hope...there is hope for Tirunesh and for our daughter both.


Sharon said...

It's sad but it's not a case of anyone suffering and the loss is more of a dream, rather than a reality. Is she aware of what is happening? Does she have hope of eventually being adopted or reunited with family? What does her future hold?

The Rikkers said...

I agree, it is a loss of a dream. Tirunesh is not suffering and is totally unaware of any of these events and will likely never know anything about our family in her story. I am sad that the mistakes made will leave her in care at the orphanage longer than necessary. When her relinquishment is valid they will move forward and find the perfect family for her. I trust that the adoption agency will match her with a family that will give her a bright future and will love her.

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